Life Sciences

Life sciences and biotech relocations require a standard of care and expertise beyond the normal office relocation. If claims and damages occur, it is not a matter of repair; it can involve a researcher’s life’s work and nearly irreparable compromise of productivity.  Having a team with the right expertise, equipment, and attention to safety and efficiency is a critical part of the process.

More than 60% of ABC's work is in the bio/life sciences community. We have developed specialized methodologies and equipment that insure and facilitate safe, incident-free, and cost-efficient relocations.

In laboratory moves, the scientist or researcher is often directly involved in planning the relocation with us. We have the training and professional demeanor to work closely with these staff to deliver a comfort level that their equipment and materials will be successfully delivered and operational according to plan.

In this environment, we:

  • EASE YOUR MIND and leave no detail to chance, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant
  • BECOME A FAMILIAR FACE and make sure the ABC project leader develops a rapport and communicates closely with the team onsite
  • WORK OUT THE DETAILS and develop a schedule outlining all cleaning, packing, preparation, chemical handling, and equipment service
  • MAKE SURE YOU’RE COVERED with the right insurance for the move event
  • INVEST THE TIME to supervise all preparation, move, and post-move activities, with the ABC project lead in command/control and onsite