About Us

ABC Moving Services, Inc., founded in 1982, provides commercial moving services throughout New England. All of our resources are focused and directed at meeting the needs of our business partners, in moving, storage, shredding and recycling. We understand that commercial moving is about two things: minimizing disruption and getting you out and in as quickly and economically as possible. Thus we have worked toward this goal and have become extremely efficient and streamlined. 

We are a family-owned and operated business, with the first and second generations actively engaged and onsite every day.  Our corporate offices and dispatch terminal are located minutes from Boston and Cambridge.

ABC has positioned itself as a major force in the Greater Boston commercial moving arena. Our success can be directly attributed not only to our management team but also to our labor force in the field.  Everyone knows that a service company is only as good as the people who show up to do the work. Our staff understands that they represent ABC and act accordingly in every client interaction.

One of the key differences between us and our competitors is our labor force. We set strict standards for safety, customer service, and quality, and we interview, train, and manage our staff using these guidelines.  ABC personnel are required, at all times, to be in full uniform. All our staff arrive on the job together, dispatched from the warehouse each morning, ready to perform as soon as they reach the site. ABC Moving Services employees are not anonymous; they understand their value to the client and company, and are rewarded for the excellent performance they put forth each day. Everyone at ABC takes a personal interest in each and every one of our accounts.

Each account receives personal attention and every project is led by an experienced ABC project manager, with full-time management supervision on the jobsite. We work in harmony with the trades and understand that we are one part of a successful project, there to support the entire team.

Moving is a service business, and there is a difference with a well-run, properly trained and managed crew, with the right resources to do a quality job. Our attitude is no problem is unsolvable with the right resources.